Flood Risk Assessments & Geotechnical Solutions


Flood Risk Assessments are currently required in accordance with the NPPF and have been a key planning document since the release of PPG 25 in 2001. We have assessed developments, ranging from a 1000 home developments to small industrial redevelopments.

The vast majority of planning applications, to which our assessments apply, have been successful. As part of our commissions, we are often able to improve the proposals to create a scheme which can meet the needs of the developer and satisfy the requirements of the Environment Agency.

We also provide geotechnical consultancy services to our clients and throughout the UK, where our services have been used by a number of local authorities, private developers, house builders, housing associations, universities and schools, civil engineering contractors and large industrial clients.

We provide a comprehensive range of specialist geotechnical engineering services, from feasibility/desk studies, through site investigations and geotechnical design, specification and, procurement, to advice during construction and preparation of verification reports.

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