Client: Walsall College
Location: Walsall
Project value: £7.5m

CCE were originally appointed by Walsall College to prepare the Civil and Structural Engineering tender documents for this design and build contract. We were subsequently novated to the successful contractor for the construction stage of the project.

The building is circa 3700sqm and involved the construction of a new 3 storey steel frame structure providing educational and conferencing facilities. A full size Sports England Sports Hall was also located to the rear of the building. The scheme was architecturally challenging and technically demanding.

The site was difficult and underlain by a labyrinth of previously and extensively worked limestone caverns at around 40-50m deep which required thoroughly investigating and treating prior to any construction works being carried out. The upper surface of the site also consisted on around 6m of made ground which required improving by means of vibro-compaction sufficient to support the buildings pad and strip foundations.

The superstructure required several areas of column free zones. This was generally achieved by means of appropriately positioned transfer structures and hangers in strategic locations throughout the building.

The external works associated with the building included hard and soft landscaping, parking facilities and high quality leadership and development area.

This building will enable the college to expand its current curriculum delivery at the recently constructed Wisemore campus. It is also envisaged that the proposed building will form the first stage in the development of the colleges overall master plan for its existing campus and increase the colleges presence along West Littleton Street one of the main road arteries through Walsall.

Our extensive experience in the design and construction of this type of building has enabled us to make a positive contribution to the viability and economics of the project